We develop and
produce the right
micronutrient premix
for every application.

It takes both skill and commitment to blend vitamins and minerals into micronutrient premixes for foods, beverages and food supplements. SternVitamin has both these attributes – like the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe to which it belongs.
As a member of this group of companies, SternVitamin attaches great importance to thorough research. Our applications laboratories, with the latest high-tech equipment, are all under one roof at the Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg. They include a laboratory for vitamins and micronutrients, a trial bakery, the enzyme laboratory, a laboratory for dairy products, and also technical trials departments for delicatessen specialities, meat and lipids.

Interdisciplinary cooperation: our strategy for success

Interdisciplinary applications technology is our strategy for success: the experts from the individual specialist firms often seek solutions jointly. The progress achieved in one field is examined for its significance for other applications. More …

In this respect our short routes prove helpful too. The result is a high level of innovation that gives the group as a whole – and with it SternVitamin – a head start over its competitors, again and again.

Each micronutrient premix is developed individually

The basis for SternVitamin’s products is a comprehensive knowledge of biotechnology, food technology and applications. Our product research team combines vitamins and minerals individually More …

for each customer and subjects the mixtures to exhaustive tests for solubility, stability, effect on colour and other properties before they are used in the end products.

Our applications consultancy will help you use our micronutrient premixes

It is especially important to us to advise our customers on applications. First we discuss with them what a food, drink or food supplement is to be like and explain how that will influence the micronutrient premix. More …

Once these parameters have been established, we develop special solutions to our customer’s specifications. In doing so we take synergisms between nutrients into account and also ensure that our products are economical and have optimal processing characteristics. And we are there to advise and help you with practical use of the micronutrient premixes.

Modern blending technology ensures top quality in production

Our modern blending plant in Wittenburg has seven separate blending lines, operated automatically by a central process control and visual display system. On this microprocessor-controlled, high-tech plant we compound all manner of different vitamin and mineral premixes for your use, guaranteeing extremely fine distribution of the ingredients at all times. More …

A complex quality management system accompanies the production process from beginning to end, and the plant meets all the relevant requirements in respect of quality and safety. This is proved by successful audits, certification according to ISO 9001:2008, IFS Higher Level and BRC Version 6 – Grade A.