customized premixes are
the ideal solution
for your fortified products.

Individually blended vitamin and mineral premixes.

Comprehensive know-how and major capital expenditure are needed for procuring and processing vitamins and micronutrients. Different substances have to be dosed precisely and blended homogeneously in order to achieve the specified composition. Complex and difficult procedures are necessary to ensure that the products are safe every time. SternVitamin will take this work off your hands by supplying individually developed micronutrient premixes that are adjusted to your formulations and easy to handle.


SternVitamin is your designer for micronutrient premixes.

We regard ourselves as “vitamin premix designers” with a comprehensive knowledge of the products. We attach great importance to partnerships with universities and research institutions and to cooperation with major vitamin manufacturers. Our applications technologists will always develop the micronutrient complex best suited to your purpose in close collaboration with you. Use of these compounds will ensure optimum product safety, relieve you of work in the production process and facilitate your logistics.


Our full-service offer:

  • Advice on applications, from development of the idea to maturity of your product for the market
  • Development of individual premixes to your specifications
  • Production of the micronutrient compound according to your wishes
  • Control of the finished products
  • Comprehensive analysis in accordance with your requirements
  • Flexible pack sizes
  • Batch sizes from 50 – 1,000 kg