We develop our vitamin
and mineral premixes in
our own laboratory.

SternVitamin develops individual vitamin and mineral premixes in its micronutrient laboratory.


Combining a diversity of vitamins and minerals to make up micronutrient premixes for foods, beverages and food supplements in accordance with specific requirements takes a high level of competence and commitment. This competence and commitment is characteristic of the applications research of SternVitamin and of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe to which the company belongs.


Micronutrient laboratory

“A team of experienced specialists is needed to design vitamin premixes and mineral mixtures for fortifying basic foods and other products such as baby food, cereals, beverages, dairy products or food supplements and test them for their intended applications.”


To do this we have compiled comprehensive information and know-how on active ingredients and carriers, food law, nutritional science and food technology. We test the fortification of new products with vitamins and minerals and prepare suggestions for affordable premixes. Compounding different vitamins, minerals, trace elements, functional plant extracts and amino acids is a discipline all of its own and demands a high degree of competence. We have built a pharmaceutical-type premix blending line specially for this purpose.