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13 vitamins – 13 years of SternVitamin

Januar 2020

From A to K, 13 vitamins promote our well-being every day. And for 13 years, SternVitamin has been helping consumers stay healthy, developing individual micronutrient premixes that give foods added health value.

SternVitamin: New better-for-you concepts address growing trend

November 2020: Rising demand for plant-based drinks with added health benefits

Consumer enthusiasm for plant-based foods continues to grow unabated. This is also affecting the beverage market. Market research company Persistence Market Research (PMR) predicts annual growth rates exceeding six percent for plant-based drinks through 2028.
Ein Top-Trend im Getraenkemarkt ist angereicherte Produkte auf Wasserbasis. Dafür entwickelte SternVitamin einen Mikronaehrstoffpremix.

Vitaminised water-based drinks

February 2018: New micronutrient premix for target-group-specific drinks

This micronutrient mix picks up on one of the top trends in the beverage market – waterbased enriched products. Worldwide, this is the beverage category with the highest growth potential, even higher than other categories.
Anregungen für Mikronährstoff-Konzepte liefert das neue Buch von SternVitamin.

SternVitamin presents a new reference work

July 2018: Micronutrients work

A new book from SternVitamin provides many ideas for impactful micronutrient concepts. “Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits” is a practical manual intended for product developers, marketers and other creatives in the food industry who are involved in new ideas for functional foods, nutritional supplements and the like.
Vegetarische und vegane Produkte können ideal mit Mikronährstoffen angereichert werden.

Vitafoods 2018

March 2018: Premixes for vegans and different age groups

In addition to various micronutrient premixes specifically targeted to consumers’ individual life phases, SternVitamin also offers solutions to meet current nutrition trends. For example, the special SternVitamin premix for vegans is one way to improve the nutrition profile of people who eat only plant-derived foods.
Neues Wertschöpfungspotential für Hersteller von Getränken.

Supply Side West 2018

Oktober 2018: Micronutrient premixes for individual health and lifestyle concepts

At this year’s SupplySide West in Las Vegas, SternVitamin is showing how manufacturers of beverages, foods and nutritional supplements can generate value-add potential with special product concepts.
EnergyDrink 4.0 mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.

Hi Europe 2018

Oktober 2018: SternVitamin presents health & wellness ideas for beverage manufacturers

Pure Vitalizer is the basis for a drink that increases metabolic activity. As a healthier, more natural alternative to conventional energy drinks, it boosts energy and fitness with natural ingredients.

Press publications

Beitrag im Magazin World of Food Ingredients zum Thema zielgruppengerechte Produktentwicklung.

Marketing target group specific beverages

„The World of food ingredients“ (Issue march/2018)

Beitrag im Magazin Drinkworld zum Thema angereicherte Getraenke und Health Claims.

Fortified Beverages and Health Claims

„drink world - Technology + Marketing“ (Issue march/2018)

Exklusivbeitrag im Magazin Asia Pacific Food Industry zum Thema Staerkung des Immunsystems mit Mikronaehrstoffen.

Boosting Immunity and Performance with Micronutrients

„Asia Pacific Food Industry“ (Issue october/2018)

Beitrag im Magazin Wellness Foods and Supplements zum Thema vegane Ernaehrung.

Vegan nutrition: Enriched foods prevent nutritional deficiency

„Wellness Foods and Supplements“ (Issue march/2018)