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SternVitamin presents trend-oriented premix solutions at Fi Europe

Ahrensburg, October 2023 – At this year’s FIE fair SternVitamin will be presenting selected premix solutions to address current trends. The focus is on three micronutrient premixes that have been incorporated into various applications. The SternCogni+ premix, whose functional ingredients boost cognitive performance in old age, is presented in gummies, a trending application. The company meets the Beauty from Within trend with an instant beverage powder fortified with the SternHolisticBeauty premix. Meanwhile, SternVitalityV offers something new for the booming plant-based market: incorporated into a vegan coffee drink the micronutrients provide new energy. At booth 3.1D160 visitors can gain inspiration for new product developments and learn how micronutrient premixes can simplify the process.

SternVitamin presents innovative premix solutions for healthy ageing

Vitafoods 2023

Ahrensburg, May 2023 – At this year’s Vitafoods, SternVitamin is focusing on Healthy Ageing. The company offers an extensive line of micronutrient premixes for an active and healthy life into old age. At booth I 191 fair visitors can sample two of them: SternWoman 45+ and SternJoints Collagen.

Micronutrients as a key to healthy ageing

Fit and healthy into old age

Ahrensburg, March 2023 – Over the past 20 years the average age of people worldwide has increased. This trend will continue and only become stronger in the future. According to the United Nations, by 2050 the number of people over 65 will increase by almost 50 percent in Europe and North America, and by almost 180 percent in Central and South Asia, due to rising prosperity and advances in medicine, hygiene and nutrition. This makes it even more important to maintain physical and mental health for as long as possible, and lead an active and healthy life into old age. In other words, healthy ageing.

Micronutrients as Beauty Boosters

Premix solutions for holistic Beauty From Within

Ahrensburg, December 2023 – Men or women, Gen Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers, everybody wants to look good, regardless of gender and age. According to a worldwide survey by Euromonitor International, more than half of respondents see beauty primarily in a healthy appearance. And this comes mostly from within. More and more consumers are becoming aware of how important nutrition is for healthy skin, hair, and nails. They understand that a healthy, balanced lifestyle has an effect on their appearance, and so they look for foods, beverages, and nutritional supplements that support holistic beauty. To meet this demand, SternVitamin has developed the new “Beauty From Within” premix line.

Press publications

Beitrag im Magazin World of Food Ingredients zum Thema zielgruppengerechte Produktentwicklung.

Marketing target group specific beverages

„The World of food ingredients“ (Issue march/2018)

Beitrag im Magazin Drinkworld zum Thema angereicherte Getraenke und Health Claims.

Fortified Beverages and Health Claims

„drink world - Technology + Marketing“ (Issue march/2018)

Exklusivbeitrag im Magazin Asia Pacific Food Industry zum Thema Staerkung des Immunsystems mit Mikronaehrstoffen.

Boosting Immunity and Performance with Micronutrients

„Asia Pacific Food Industry“ (Issue october/2018)

Beitrag im Magazin Wellness Foods and Supplements zum Thema vegane Ernaehrung.

Vegan nutrition: Enriched foods prevent nutritional deficiency

„Wellness Foods and Supplements“ (Issue march/2018)