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On the dynamic market for food supplements we have the right concepts for diverse forms of application

Food supplements need customised mineral and vitamin concepts. Tap into our comprehensive know-how in the field of active ingredients, carrier substances and dosage forms. Our team will select the suitable micronutrient compounds for you and then develop the right premix for your product.

Karolina Sauer ist Technical Application Manager fuer den Bereich Nahrungsergaenzungsmittel.

Whether as a powder, a capsule, a gummy supplement or a tablet – we can fulfil almost any customer wish when it comes to micronutrient composition. We always take into account, that the ingredients do not react with each other. Furthermore, we consider solubility, flavour, colour, pH or mouthfeel. All this is possible thanks to our extensive experience and our state-of-the-art production methods.

Karolina Sauer, Technical Application Manager

Little extras. Big benefits. We give food supplements added health value

SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zum Erhalt der Knochengesundheit.

Healthy bones

Healthy bones are a major prerequisite for post-menopausal women if they want to stay active. Calcium is the ultimate building block for bones. In combination with vitamins D and K2 it can reduce the risk of bone fractures in women after menopause.

SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zur Stärkung der Herz- und Kreislaufgesundheit.

Strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system

Studies have shown that vitamin B supplementation can offer protection against heart attacks. Taking vitamins C and D, coupled with omega 3 fatty acids, can lower systolic blood pressure. Vitamin K, in turn, protects against hardening of the arteries.

SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zum Erhalt der Gehirnleistung.

Maintaining cognitive function

The timely intake of antioxidative micronutrients can counteract age-related mental decline. Folic acid, for instance, can improve the memory capacity and the attention span of older people. In addition to folic acid, the vitamins B6 and B12, the coenzyme Q10, omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols play an important role, too.

old man having a cold or influenza

ARTICLE: The importance of micronutrients
for the immune system

An adequate intake of micronutrients is essential for boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of infection, even more in old age. But which micronutrients support the immune system in which way? What is important for the individual supply? Find out in our summary of key facts.

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Our micronutrient premixes for your
food supplements

You need inspiration? We gathered some concept suggestions for you. Or do you already have an idea of a premix concept for your product or need support in selecting the right micronutrients? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

SternGummies Flyer

Great consumer interest in gummy supplements

Gummy supplements are a very popular food supplement dosage form, especially among the 18-35 age group as well as children and adolescents. Our micronutrient premix, especially developed for gummy supplements, supports the immune system.

SternVitamin SternGut gut health

Boosting the gut immune system – SternGut

The second greatest desire of consumers for a health-promoting product is to strengthen the immune system. Our micronutrient blend directly supports the gut immune system with vitamins, trace elements and beta-glucans from yeast.
SternReload Flyer

Vitalising energy boost – SternReload

This micronutrient blend reduces fatigue and exhaustion by using vitamin C and B12 as well as natural caffeine from green coffee beans. Simply dissolved in water, it tastes great and gives power for the day.
Concept Card SternRelax

Relax Premix Concept

Our microutrient premixes with different B-vitamins and adaptogens reduce stress symptoms and support mental well-being.
Happy, mentally stable woman with child working from home

Strengthening Mental Health

Our premix supports clear thinking, mental endurance and concentration in situations of reduced performance.

We would be delighted to develop customised solutions for your food supplements – just contact us.