Beverages – juices,
fitness drinks and energy
drinks with important micronutrients.

Baby food –
micronutrient premixes
for highly sensitive products.

Food supplements –
customized vitamin
and mineral mixtures.

Fluid-bed technology:
a wealth of possibilities
for production and

Applications research:
the basis for successful
micronutrient premixes

Brochures and flyers for your information

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Premix Concept Pure Vitalizer Natural Energy

Pure Vitalizer (EN)

Premix Concept Bones & Heart
Bones and Heart Premix (PDF)

Postcard Breaking Fast
Breaking Fast

English (PDF)French (PDF)

Postcard Natural Energy

Natural Energy (PDF)

Relax premix reduces stress and fatigue
Micronutrient Premix with vitamins and ginseng extract
Englisch (PDF, 885 KB)

Omega-3 in tablet form
using a new and unique Technology.

Deutsch (PDF, 1072 KB)English (PDF, 1072 KB)

Coco Defence Drink
Strengthens your immune system
German (PDF, 1380 KB)English (PDF, 1380 KB)French (PDF, 1380 KB)

Pre-workout drink
Vitalises body and mind
German (PDF, 1130 KB)English (PDF, 1130 KB)French (PDF, 1130 KB)

Omega 3 DC Powder
A host of benefits
English (PDF, 1385 KB)French (PDF, 1260 KB)

Premixes to help maintain balanced nutrition
with vitamins and minerals
German (PDF, 890 KB) English (PDF, 887 KB) French (PDF, 890 KB) Spanish (PDF, 888 KB)

Sport drinks
with vitamins, minerals
and essential amino acids
German (PDF, 275 KB) English (PDF, 393 KB) Spanish (PDF, 391 KB)

Premix for a love-energy drink
with vitamins, minerals,
amino acids and plant extracts
German (PDF, 428 KB) English (PDF, 428 KB) Spanish (PDF, 431 KB)

Premix for gummy bears
and beauty trend drinks
with vitamins and minerals
German (PDF, 238 KB) English (PDF, 237 KB) Spanish (PDF, 235 KB)

SternVit E 50 % SD
Vitamin E acetate offers top quality
at competitive prices
German (PDF, 703 KB) English (PDF, 710 KB) Spanish (PDF, 696 KB)

Liquid premixes and blending
plant for highly sensitive products

German (PDF, 276 KB) English (PDF, 276 KB) Spanish (PDF, 276 KB)

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