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Premixes for mental well-being

Premixes for Resilience and
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The perfect combination of micronutrients can support mental well-being.

“Resilience is a process of adapting well to and successfully coping with adversity, threats or significant sources of stress”. Resilient individuals recover their equilibrium after a period of adversity or change.

Resilience can be trained, but also assisted with special micronutrients. The B vitamins are especially important in keeping nerves and mental performance up to par during periods of psychological stress.

For more inner strength
and serenity: Vitamin B complex

B vitamins are also known as “anti-stress and nerve vitamins”. They reduce tiredness and fatigue, as they are involved in the essential catabolic process of generating energy within cells. In addition, they contribute to the structure and function of neurons, and act as coenzymes in the process of building neurotransmitters and other bioactive compounds essential for brain function. They also support mental performance and assist with relaxation in nerve-racking situations.

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Together we stand.

Alongside nerve-strengthening B vitamins, magnesium is the perfect anti-stress partner in a product for inner strength and relaxation. It helps relax the muscles, and protects the psyche and nervous system from stress. Magnesium also reduces stress-induced exhaustion and counteracts fatigue. In addition, potassium is beneficial for the nerves and helps keep blood pressure normal – an important function, as stress is a risk factor for high blood pressure.

Not only micronutrients, herbal adaptogens like ginseng and ashwagandha also make body and mind more resistant to stress, calm psychological agitation and reduce fatigue.

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