Beverages – juices,
fitness drinks and energy
drinks with important micronutrients.

Baby food –
micronutrient premixes
for highly sensitive products.

Food supplements –
customized vitamin
and mineral mixtures.

Fluid-bed technology:
a wealth of possibilities
for production and

Applications research:
the basis for successful
micronutrient premixes

SternVitamin Micronutrient Premixes:
Fortification for a Healthy Life


Micronutrients for fortifying foods and beverages combine health aspects with convenience. Their importance for a balanced diet is increasing continuously. Established in 2006, SternVitamin offers a full service in micronutrient premixes: the company develops and blends vitamin premixes and mineral premixes specifically in response to customers’ requirements.

Other functional ingredients like amino acids and plant extracts can be incorporated too.

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SternVitamin is a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s most successful enterprises in the field of Food and Feed Ingredients.

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SternVitamin is in an excellent position to serve its customers, with applications research on a highly sophisticated level and an extensive knowledge of compounding, agglomeration, coating and instantization. Its profile also includes close partnerships with universities and research institutions.

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