The markets for micronutrients and food supplements are booming. SternVitamin is your
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Our mission: Fortification for a Healthy Life

Convenience creates market potential for micronutrient premixes

A balanced diet is essential for health and well-being, but shopping for fresh ingredients and preparation of the food are complex and time-consuming activities. Many people are unable or unwilling to change their eating habits. So food supplements and foods fortified with vitamins and minerals are becoming increasingly popular. They offer consumers an important additional benefit: a healthy diet coupled with convenience. As more and more people realize this benefit, new markets for innovative products of this kind emerge.


SternVitamin takes action against malnutrition

In the developing and newly indu strializing countries the nutrition situation is often critical: there is not always enough food available to ensure a balanced diet. In order to counteract deficiency symptoms effectively the governments are prescribing the fortification of staple foods with micronutrients by law. Typical examples of such foods are wheat and maize flour, oils, fats, sugar and salt. Inhibited development in children and other disorders can be combated in this way.

Adequate nutrition is a human right and one of the principal objectives of the United Nations programme “Millennium Development Goals”. The Global Ten Years Strategy proclaimed by GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) states clearly that a lack of vitamin A (retinol), iron, iodine, folic acid and zinc is responsible for most of the deficiency symptoms in the developing countries. That is why SternVitamin has dedicated itself to the task of “Fortification for a Healthy Life”.