SternVitamin produces
its micronutrient premixes
on one of Germany’s
most advanced
compounding plants.

Blending technology accurate to the gram – on a grand scale.

When working with micronutrients it is essential to ensure gentle handling of the substances, exact adherence to the formulation and absolute safety and reliability of the process. The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has decades of experience in manufacturing compounds of active substances in the form of fine powders. We have one of the most modern compounding plants for high-quality micronutrient premixes in Europe. The capacity of this high-tech facility in Wittenburg is constantly being enlarged. The easy-to-clean plant now has three separate, fully automated blending lines and several pilot lines for different quantities and products. This enables us to handle throughputs from 100 to 6,000 kg per hour. In 2008 a counter-current container blending unit designed to pharmaceutical standards was installed in a completely separate and independent part of the factory. All the production steps are accompanied by strict quality management.


Highlights of our production facility in Wittenburg

GMP-certified counter-current container blending unit for highly sensitive products

We have a compounding unit for vitamin mixtures and other highly sensitive products such as baby food and food supplements. The new, high-tech equipment has a number of special structural and control features which serve to combine maximum safety with maximum flexibility in respect of the range of products and possible batch sizes.

The new fluid-bed plant offers numerous possibilities for processing

The introduction of fluid-bed technology has enabled us to offer processing in the form of drying, granulation, agglomeration and coating.
For example, we can spray enzyme solutions onto wheat flours, coat carriers with vitamins or encapsulate probiotic micro-organisms with a protective and functional layer of fat.


Lines for small packs and large containers

Our small-pack lines fill cans, tubular or block-bottom bags and folding boxes in different sizes. Bags, cardboard boxes, drums, FIBCs or silos: we can transfer goods or fill them from any initial container into any other, just as you wish.