The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has decades of experience in the production of fine, powdery compounds of active ingredients. The capacities of our high-tech facilities in Germany and around the globe are constantly being expanded.

Abfüllung in Großgebinde

GMP-certified container counter-current blending unit for highly sensitive products

One of our compounding facilities is the GMP-certified container counter-current blending unit for micronutrient premixes, infant food, food supplements and other highly sensitive products. This top-of-the-grade unit offers a wide range of control options for the blending process.

Wir legen Wert auf höchste Hygienestandards.

Highest hygiene standards

We manufacture our micronutrient premixes in production facilities of the highest standard. Depending on the requirements of the end product or our customers, we have different units of different sizes in which we can produce the different premixes. These facilities are made completely of stainless steel, are located in a completely self-sufficient operating area and comply with the highest specifications. We have separate production rooms for each individual process step. In addition to functional tests, particles and bacterial counts in the air are measured and monitored at regular intervals.

Grammgenaue Dosierung ist für unserer Premixe von entscheidender Bedeutung.

Precise gram dosage

The precise gram dosage of micronutrients plays a central role particularly in infant food but also in other fortified foods. Our employees prepare the respective micronutrient mixture with the help of a barcode-guided weighing system. The formulation for this is developed by our technologists to your specifications and transmitted digitally to the weighing system. This ensures that the exact amount of each vitamin and mineral is admixed in line with the formulation.


Jan Heuer SternVitamin

When working with micronutrients, gentle handling of the product, the strictest adherence to the formulation and absolute process reliability are important to us. They are the prerequisites for particularly sensitive applications, for instance infant food. We have the most up-to-date compounding facilities for high-quality micronutrient premixes in the world.

Jan Heuer, Head of Business Unit, SternVitamin
Wir setzen auf moderne Technologien wie die Wirbelschichttechnik.

Fluidised bed technology offers wide-ranging finishing options

We use state-of-the-art technologies such as fluidised bed technology for the production of premixes. With our fluidised bed system we can, for instance, produce agglomerates with a porous structure from poorly soluble powders, which dissolve far more readily in water. This opens up new possibilities in the selection of raw materials. The next process steps such as drying, granulation, microencapsulation and coating can also be carried out on this facility. This enables us to influence and improve the product properties of the premixes.


Facilities for small packages and large containers

Our small packaging facilities fill cans, tubular bags, block bottom bags, stand-up pouches (with a zipper) and folding boxes into various packaging units. Whether sacks, cartons, drums or big bags: we can fill and decant from any source container into almost any target container.