Where the quality of
our micronutrient premixes
is concerned we
leave nothing to chance.

Quality assurance throughout the production process

A complex quality management system accompanies the production process from beginning to end. It starts with strict selection of the raw materials according to criteria such as concentration, purity and stability. Our easy-to-clean manufacturing plant guarantees maximum purity of the products; automatic control sifting and metal detection ensure adherence to the
HACCP standard.


Controlled quality ensures the highest standards.

Our plant technology with automatic documentation of setpoint/actual-value weighing for each batch ensures that every formulation is made up within extremely narrow tolerances. Full analysis by accredited, outside laboratories serve to confirm this – after each production batch, if requested. Moreover, an unbroken line of documentation enabled by a central process control system and traceability of individual batches are part of our quality system certified in accordance with FSSC 22000. Our production plant has also been awarded the EU health mark for dairy products and approval under the German Dietetic Products Ordinance.


Facts and figures for our production plant and quality system

  • Automatic standard control sifting from 0.3 to 5 mm, depending on the product attributes
  • Easy-to-clean plant ensuring maximum quality and flexibility
  • Central process control system enabling an unbroken
    line of documentation
  • Reliable traceability of batches of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Metal detection
  • Standard aluminium packs impermeable to air and moisture
  • Audited HACCP system
  • EU health mark for dairy products
  • Approval under the German Dietetic Products Ordinance
  • GMP certification in accordance with Part II of the
    EU Guide
  • Certificate for organic production
  • Optional kosher or halal status
  • Allergen management