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“Better for me” is one of the big trends that consumers are following. The focus of their attention is on keen health awareness and a need for health-promoting foods and beverages. We offer customised micronutrient premixes that give your beverages healthy added value. Whether fruit juices, water, instant beverages, soft drinks, teas or other lifestyle drinks, we adapt each formulation to your product concept.

At our Stern-Technology Centres our scientists and technologist carry out research on the interaction between the different micronutrients and other ingredients. Here, the emphasis is on, for instance, sensory properties and solubility. Thanks to our many years’ experience we can support you in the successful development of your product.

Yvonne Braun ist Technical Application Manager fuer den Bereich Getraenke.

Beverages pose a special challenge when it comes to fortification with vitamins and minerals. The most important criterion is that the ingredients are readily soluble and do not react with each other. There must be no negative impact on flavour, colour, pH or mouthfeel. Our many years’ experience in handling micronutrients and high-quality raw materials are, therefore, the key to the high quality of end products.

Yvonne Braun, Application & Product Manager Beverages, SternVitamin


SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zur Stärkung des Immunsystems.

Boosting the immune system

Vitamin D promotes the production of what are known as defensins that have antimicrobial effect during an immune reaction. In addition, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium protect against oxidative stress.

SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zur Steigerung der Fitness.

Fitness and energy

B vitamins are important for energy supply and performance whilst magnesium, calcium and potassium contribute to optimum muscle functioning and renewal. Essential and branched-chain amino acids are, in contrast, necessary for muscle formation and other metabolic processes.

SternVitamin entwickelt Premixe zum Erhalt der Gehirnleistung.

Mental health

The timely taking of antioxidative micronutrients can counteract age-related mental decline. Vitamin C and zinc support the defence mechanisms. B vitamins, above all folic acid, help to improve the memory capacity of older people and ginseng can boost performance and concentration.

Our micronutrient premixes for your beverage concepts

You need inspiration? We gathered some concept suggestions for you. Or do you already have an idea of a premix concept for your product or need support in selecting the right micronutrients? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Coverbild Flyer zu Premix Konzept Defence

Defence Drink

Our Defence Drink with vitamins and minerals supports the immune system.
Happy, mentally stable woman with child working from home

Strengthening Mental Health

Our premix supports clear thinking, mental endurance and concentration in situations of reduced performance.
Concept Card SternRelax

Relax Premix Concept

Our microutrient premixes with different B-vitamins and adaptogens reduce stress symptoms and support mental well-being.

We would be delighted to develop customised solutions for your beverage concepts – just get in touch.

Our product for your beverages

Coverbild Flyer zu SternVit E

SternVit E 50% SD

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, is hydrophobic. Consequently, the fortification of beverages often leads to an oil deposit. SternVit E 50% SD avoids this effect. The powder boasts excellent dispersibility in water. The oil droplets benefit from optimum encapsulation and are finely distributed in the beverage. There is no oil deposit on the beverage surface. Thanks to a specially selected encapsulation matrix, the customary clouding in beverages is minimised.

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